Pilgrimage to Kaua’i

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon on February 27, 2015

Two years ago during a meditation, I saw a beautiful vision of the Nā Pali coast line on Kaua’i. At the time, I had never even heard of Kaua’i nor did I understand the vision, all I knew was I wanted to visit. Upon moving to Hawai’i and conducting more research, I learned that Kaua’i is considered “The Womb of the Earth,” and it is believed that it’s a portal that souls pass through before attaching to a body. Fortunately, I was able to make the pilgrimage to Kaua’i on Friday and it was absolutely life-changing. Here are just a few of the lessons that came up during my visit:

  1. Unplug completely. I intended to work one hour the morning of my trip. I wanted to respond to a few e-mails and post the daily quote to my business’ social media pages but Kaua’i had other ideas in mind. On the island, my phone had limited service and minimal internet access. The lesson was that I needed to unplug completely and be fully present. Sometimes the things we think we need to do right away don’t actually need to be done at that particular moment.
  2. Put it in perspective. Having the opportunity to look at the breathtaking views of Waimea Canyon (photoed above) had a huge impact on me. As I stood there admiring the magnificence of the site, my worries seemingly dissolved. In fact, I couldn’t even remember what I was concerned about earlier in the week. Most of the things we worry about simply don’t deserve our attention nor are they truly relevant in the grand scheme of life. A simple exercise of “putting it in perspective” can help us prevent unnecessary suffering.
  3. Life is dynamic, responsive, and interactive. Life responds to us. At first, that may seem obvious or ridiculous (depending on your beliefs) but when you recognize it happening in the moment, it’s miraculous. Prior to visiting, I set the intention to see five rainbows on Kaua’i. Within the first hour, I saw four rainbows. I also concluded early on that I probably wouldn’t be able to see the Nā Pali coast this visit and made peace with that conclusion. To my surprise, we found an unexpected path that would allow us to see the Nā Pali yet when we arrived, it was completely foggy. I deeply believe that we see what we expect to see. When we expect something, we are going to actively look for supporting evidence to confirm our expectations.
  4. There is always something to appreciate about where we are right now. There was a time when I believed I wanted to live on Kaua’i. I wanted to live away from the city in a more secluded area. However, my visit gave me a deeper appreciation of O’ahu and the convenience of city life. Instead of striving to be somewhere else, sometimes it’s helpful to first take a moment to deeply appreciate where we are right now.
  5. Trust. I went to Kaua’i without a plan (except to work the first hour, and we see how that plan went, ha!) and it ended up being an amazing trip. Historically, I meticulously planned my trips in an effort to make efficient use of time, which now seems mostly unnecessary. I was only on Kaua’i for a short time yet I felt like I was there for a week. Everything was perfect even though it was unplanned. There is so much peace related to trusting the process and going with the flow.

These are just a few of the lessons that came up during my pilgrimage to Kaua’i. What a truly magnificent place! Below is a Kauaian sunset captured on February 27. Mahalo for reading!

Kauaian Sunset

Top 10 Things to Do on O’ahu

My mother came to visit me here in Hawai’i this past week and we had a great time! As I was showing her around the island, I thought about my top 10 favorite things to do on O’ahu.

  1. Visit the Bishop Museum. Don’t walk, run to the Bishop Museum in order to learn about Hawaiian history and culture. It is so essential to have a context and understanding of how things came to be the way that they are today. The museum gives you a deep appreciation for Hawaiian culture and the land. Photoed below are Charles & Bernice Bishop

The Bishops

2. Embrace the beauty at Ka’ena Point, the farthest western point of the island. It is said that Ka’ena Point is where souls leave this earth. Ka’ena point is also stunningly beautiful. The views are breath-taking and surreal.

Ka'ena Point

3. Watch the sunrise from Sandy Beach. The sunrise from Sandy Beach is absolutely incredible. There really are no words to describe it. This is an amazing way to start your morning.


4. Watch the sunset from any unobstructed location. On a daily basis, O’ahu is a great place for witnessing epic sunsets from almost any west-facing location on the island as long as the view is unobstructed.

Sailboat Sunset

5. Grab some shave ice from Kokonuts. The best shave ice on the island is offered by Kokonuts Shave Ice & Snacks in Hawaii Kai. It’s definitely worth it!

Shave Ice

6. Visit the beaches in Kailua. The beaches and ocean views in Kailua are absolutely beautiful and perfect for swimming.


7. Order malasadas from Leonard’s. Malasadas are incredibly tasty Portuguese doughnuts. The best place to get malasadas is from Leonard’s!


8. Visit Waimanalo Beach. Waimanalo Beach is my favorite beach in the world. It offers a sense of tranquility and peace that is unmatched. All of your senses will be delighted, from the feel of the uniquely soft sand between your toes to the surround sound of the ocean waves gently washing up to the shore.


9. Keep your eyes open for rainbows. Rainbows are literally everywhere on O’ahu but you must be open to seeing them in order to spot them before they disappear.


10. Hike the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail. This hike is great for beginners and offers exquisite views. Be sure to do this hike in the morning in order to stay cool.

Makapuu View


 11. Drive or hike up Tantalus. I know I said top 10 things but one more won’t hurt! Mount Tantalus offers breath-taking views of Honolulu and beautiful scenery throughout the drive or hike to its peak. Just a note, Tantalus is an advanced hike so please make sure you’re adequately prepared, otherwise, the drive is a nice substitute.

Tantalus Pt II

Although these 11 things are each uniquely wonderful, the most important thing to do here is just relax and take in the beauty of the island. O’ahu is an amazing place and it will lead you right where you need to be. Aloha!