3 Lessons Learned from Owning a Business

I officially launched my business in December of 2013, and since then, I have learned three valuable lessons:

1) Our “spiritual work” can be done from right where we are, there is no need to go anywhere else. Previously, I contemplated becoming a nun because I believed that being in a monastic environment would help me “awaken” faster. The truth is that right where we are is the best place for us to be. We are exactly where we are for a reason and it is in fact the perfect place for our “spiritual work.” Additionally, it is not so much that we need to learn anything as it is more about remembering what we know deep within, which is who we are and who we are not. We can learn just as much in our current environment than we can by running off to a monastery. The teacher is life itself, regardless of where we are.

Owning a business has taught me how to surrender to what is and to completely open my heart. These are the very lessons I hoped to learn by going off to a monastery, and to my surprise, I learned them right in the heart of a metropolis. Every situation, every place, every person we encounter is apart of the spiritual process, we are truly right where we need to be.

2) Fear in and of itself is not a problem, allowing it to paralyze us is. A dear friend of mine, Rosetta Thurman, recently said “Do it scared!” and I completely agree. Fear may be present in our awareness but we give it permission to debilitate us. Fear is just a sensation that comes and goes, there is no need to cling to it or assign it value and power. Let fear do its own thing and we can still do ours. There have been numerous occasions where had I listened to fear, I would have sabotaged amazing business opportunities that were presented to me. After observing fear for what it is, it becomes much easier to proceed despite its presence.

3) Any sentence that has the word “should” in it, is not based in reality. The word “should” moves us further away from acceptance. When we spend time seriously contemplating the “shoulds,” we create more distress because nothing “should” be any different from how it is now. When we acknowledge, accept, and appreciate where we are, we recognize that “should” is not a useful term. Running a business has helped me eliminate the word “should” from my vocabulary and replace it with words that are present-focused and/or active.

The moral of this story is that life offers lessons everywhere. Every situation is a call to awareness, a call to come home. Before running off to somewhere other than “here,” open your eyes to the richness that exists right where you are.

Mahalo for reading! May you experience infinite peace and blessings!

With love & appreciation,


Oh Hawai’i!


Oh Hawai’i

Written by: Candace Thoth

Oh Hawai’i, you shine so beautifully,

Your love is expressed through the continuously flowering botany,

Oh Hawai’i, can’t you see what you do to me?

You nourish my soul and heal all wounded energy,

Thank you for your gifts and aloha community,

Oh Hawai’i, let’s make your ways a global ideology.

Mahalo for reading! Wishing you all infinite peace!



This past week as I continued my exploration of Oahu, I was brought completely to tears on several different occasions by the sheer beauty of the island. Many times, I found myself at a loss for words due to the utterly stunning beauty upon which I was looking. Flooded by emotions, the most dominant of them was humility. I am completely humbled by the power of the Divine. When I look at the lush mountains on one side and the seemingly never-ending ocean on the other, I am in awe at the craftsmanship required to create such a beautiful sight.

The feeling of humility has lingered within me and has quelled my anxieties about the future. I am reminded of the importance of trusting the Divine and recognizing where my control ends. I openly let go and surrender. I am humble.

Self-Reflective Questions:

  • What situations elicit humility within you?
  • What is your reaction to the experience of humility?
  • How might humility assist you on your journey?

Mahalo for reading! Wishing you all infinite peace!