Spreading Aloha Through Photography

As a child, I was interested in photography because my father was a photographer and he had a makeshift darkroom in our basement. My interest drastically dwindled during my high school years as spending time with friends and going to the mall seemed more important. During college, a flame reignited, prompting me to buy a digital camera to document “major” moments in my life but once it broke, I stopped taking photos altogether. Then, I moved to Hawai’i and my partner graciously allowed me to use his camera, which changed everything. Currently, I take hundreds of photos each week, exploring the island and sharing these wonderful moments with the world.

Photography has become a meditation for me, a way to be in the moment while also attempting to convey the magnificence of a blip in time. Photography has made me pay attention to things I have often overlooked, like a bee landing on a flower and the droplets of rain that remain on a leaf long after the rain has stopped. I am fully present when I take photos and more engaged with nature. I am able to recognize the intricacies and complexity of nature while also appreciating its simplicity and peace.

Yesterday, when I was sharing photos of my trip to Kaua’i, I realized that photography is more than just a meditation, it’s also a way to spread Aloha. Through sharing my photographs, I am able to spread the love that courses through my veins with each of you. I am able to express my gratitude for nature. Additionally, I am able to expose people to sites they may have overlooked or have never experienced. The opportunity to share the beauty of Hawai’i is an honor and a privilege of a lifetime.

Mahalo for reading! Please enjoy the photos below:

Sunset 2-28-15

Tantalus Palms


Rays Through the Clouds

For more photos, please visit my online gallery.

Aloha Challenge



“Every moment is an opportunity to choose love.”

One of the most significant things that attracted me to Hawaii is the “Aloha Spirit” or the spirit of love and giving. I was touched by how relaxed and compassionate people seemed around the island. My boyfriend used to say it seemed like people were being paid to be nice.

Aloha has a lot of meanings and it is way more than just a greeting. Aloha also means love. To say ‘I love you’ in Hawaiian, you would say ‘Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe.’ Aloha is also similar to the word Namaste. It is a recognition of the Divinity in another person and honoring our interconnectedness. Another translation pertains to joyful celebration of the present moment, literally translated to sharing life energy joyfully in the present moment (source). In Hawaii, sharing the “ha” or the life energy/breath is a very sacred activity, it is an allowance of someone to be in your space and a transmission of knowledge, love, and energy. So you see, Aloha has a very deep meaning and it extends far beyond just a greeting, it is a way of life and an attitude. Aloha is related to how we see each other and how we honor one another in the present moment.

Aloha Center for Transformation & Wellness is having an Aloha Challenge this week. The challenge is to complete at least one act of kindness per day. This is an effort to spread the Aloha Spirit throughout the world. Let’s all celebrate the inherent joy in the present moment and spread ALOHA. Please join the celebration on our Facebook page.

Mahalo for reading! May you experience infinite peace and blessings!

With deep gratitude & aloha!