“If you think you’re “enlightened,” go spend a week with your family.” -Ram Dass


*Photos of the fruit at a local farmer’s market we went to visit today

My partner and I have family visiting this weekend and thus far it has been quite comedic as well as a friendly reminder. My reflection is staring me right in the face and I get to boldly see some of the areas that were residing in my blind spot. The old thought patterns and dynamics come racing in as if they had never left, and maybe they hadn’t, which is why it’s great that they’re coming up again for me to see clearly.

These moments are such rich opportunities for fully engaging in the moment and seeing all of the memories, habits, patterns, thoughts, and emotions that have been stewing underneath the surface. They are excellent opportunities to let go and be free of reacting unconsciously. In fact, I can even have fun with it all, getting a hearty chuckle about the persistence of habitual patterns. What a reminder that family is truly here to welcome us home (to the truth).

Mahalo for reading! May you experience infinite peace and blessings!