Ever-present Light


Sunrise on April 1, 2015 on Sandy Beach

We live in a world full of illusions, which if taken too seriously, contribute to suffering and the forgetting of knowledge that comes naturally. One such illusion is the idea that the sun goes down and rises up again each day. Many believe that the sun is actually going down and “taking a break” for the night hours until the morning. This is an illusion. The sun knows no such thing as a “break,” it is always shining brightly regardless of what’s going on in our atmosphere or where we are as we orbit around it. No matter what, the sun shines.

In moments when we forget the sun is always shining, we believe we are alone, left to suffer. We even begin to believe the sun has abandoned us altogether. We personalize its decision to leave and lose hope on our journey, choosing to merely exist instead of enjoying our lives. But the reality is that the sun is shining, it is always shining. The light is here, now. And even though most of us know the appearance of the sun rising and setting is an illusion, we tend to forget the illusions related to other matters. The truth is, we have the ability to stop getting trapped in illusions and allowing them to dictate our quality of life. We can choose to play in the illusions, which is actually quite enjoyable or simply recognize them for what they are and continue to enjoy our lives while having a deep knowing of what is true.

The Freedom to Choose a Response

“In each moment, we have the liberty to choose our responses.” -Candace Thoth


In moments when someone says something “rude” or “offensive,” we have a choice in how we respond to them. Although our immediate thoughts may be aggressive, we can pause to reduce the influence of such thoughts. By slowing down, we create more space in the moment so that we can effectively navigate situations without becoming overwhelmed or controlled by thoughts or emotions. Make a choice to maintain inner peace. Once we consciously decide that we will not allow others to knock us from our center, we are more empowered and able to maintain balance and harmony.

If we allow it, someone’s words can easily create a mind storm and disrupt our inner peace. Recall the last time you felt offended and think about how easy it was to get you upset. Do you really want someone else to have that much power over your peace? Remember that we have the liberty to choose our responses in every situation. With mindfulness and awareness, we allow ourselves the opportunity to respond carefully and consciously.

Self-reflective questions:

  • What is it about the person’s statement that makes me feel attacked?
  • Am I taking this situation personally? (refer to Don Miguel’s Four Agreements)
  • What is my intention with my response?
  • Is the response I’m choosing in alignment with my intention and goal to maintain inner peace?
  • If I remove my ego/pride from this situation, how would I respond?

Mahalo for reading! May we all experience infinite peace and blessings!