Paddle Board Adventures


I had my very first paddle boarding lesson on Monday and I walked away with some interesting insights and a nice tan too! The first insight is that paddle boarding is an incredibly relaxing activity but it does require you to utilize your balancing and coordination skills. Standing up and paddling is very different from kneeling and paddling! Standing up requires more core strength, balance, and coordination whereas kneeling is mostly about coordination. Another insight I had is that we never need to panic. There were three times when I had difficulty turning left so I found myself being carried by the current to a ledge full of people waiting to go on a boat cruise. Instead of fighting the current, I decided to go with it and used it to help me turn right and make a full circle. Going with the current is so much easier than fighting it!

The most salient observation I had was the discrepancy between how many people were on the beach versus how many were in the water. There were probably a couple hundred people on the beach but I noticed that there were only about twenty of us in the water. I wondered why there weren’t that many people in the water? Although there are many reasons this may have happened, the question particularly peaked my interest when a couple came by and asked us about paddle boarding, said that they wanted to do it, but expressed hesitation. This made me wonder how many of us want to do things but never get around to doing them? How many of us decide to stay on the beach our whole lives and never explore the water? Life is meant to be explored, dive in and enjoy the adventure!

Mahalo for reading! May you experience infinite peace and blessings!

With love & appreciation,


*Photo credit: Amanda Dela Cruz