Blameless Responsibility


I am continuously amazed by the mind’s craftiness and ability to create such convincing theatrics and stories. What’s more interesting is how easy it is to get swept into these stories and undoubtedly believe them to be true. Admittedly, it’s easier to be consumed by the mind’s stories because we can justify our reactive behaviors (attacks, gossiping, and judgments), relinquish our responsibility for our own inner peace, and remain the victim. Blaming others is instantly gratifying because we are allowed to cling to our comfort zones and fully convince ourselves that we were wronged.

On the other hand, taking a closer look at the mind’s stories requires taking responsibility and letting go of our justifications and excuses for reactive behaviors. It also requires questioning some of the things we have believed most of our lives, which can be frightening. In a sense, being responsible also means being vulnerable, which is a skill most of us have long forgotten how to do and yet both skills are the very things that set us free. We are bound to the vicious cycle of reactivity as long as we allow false stories to dictate our lives. The good news is that at any point, we can assume responsibility and reclaim our freedom.

4 thoughts on “Blameless Responsibility

  1. Oh how right you are, Candace! Nice! This is where changing the past may come in. It really was that dirtbag’s fault that I got victimized. How could he do that to ME? But then I go back to the past and clear, clean, and change it, and make myself responsible. It changes everything! Thank-you for this post! Yes, I now see that we really do have to become vulnerable if we’re going to do this. Aloha!

    • Mahalo for reading, Aliman! I’m really glad this resonated with you! This does very much relate to changing the past and recognizing that in order to do so we must be vulnerable, letting go of everything including the very story of who we think we are. ALOHA!

  2. It feels to me a complete and total surrender to that part which is unknown; putting down my sword and tearing away all of the thorny brambles that have covered my heart. When I have suffered enough, I have been able to let this happen, change occurs, light beams in, I am ecstatic. I think to myself yes! I am free. At first I am alert, making sure I keep connected to this beautiful state. Then, in this earthly world, I start to forget, I start to match the energy of the collective unconscious that I am immersed in. I forget to keep my heart open, I forget to take responsibility for all that I see. I forget how to open my heart, but I do remember how vulnerable it felt and it scares me because I think: I did that already, do have to do it again? I makes me want to cry in anguish because it hurts so much, even though I know Its the only way.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Sabrina! I can definitely relate and have observed the same cycle within myself. In the past it took hitting rock bottom and being unable to tolerate anymore pain before I was willing to open up my heart. Thankfully now, I’m a bit more aware of when I’m closing off and can make adjustments accordingly. Fortunately, we have continuous reminders, awakening situations, an inner guide, and supportive people in our lives to help us remain open, loving, and aware.

      Love & Blessings to you always!

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