Every Moment Matters

Sunset 1-10-15

Yesterday, when I snapped the photo above, a driver of a jeep (going about 35 mph) hit a cyclist. After hearing the loud noise, I turned around to see pieces of metal flying. Initially, I thought the jeep’s tire exploded but then I saw the driver and the passenger get out of the vehicle and rush to the front of the car, looking at the ground in shock. Immediately, I knew they had hit someone. My assumptions were confirmed as an ambulance arrived on the scene and the EMT workers put the cyclist on the gurney. The bike was upside down, seemingly stuck under the jeep. In just a flash (literally, a shutter flash), lives were instantly changed.

Witnessing the accident served as a reminder that every moment matters. Our lives can be taken at any time. We are not going to live in human form forever. There will be a day when our lives as we know it will cease to exist. Knowing that our time here is limited makes me incredibly appreciative of the experiences I’ve had and it also makes me more encouraged to take action on the things I want to do before passing. Our time here is precious and I choose to see that as a beautiful blessing and a loving reminder to live fully.

Please keep all those involved in the accident in your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Every Moment Matters

  1. Great thoughts, Sister! Yes, an auto accident back in 1984 changed my life forever, and it is true that one develops an appreciation for what was previously taken for granted. Especially in this materialist culture, we have become rather jaded, and so it seems that only dramatic events will penetrate the smug armor, at least in most cases. However, by spending a little time every day just allowing the heart to expand in awe at the miracle of the appearance of anything at all, we need not get run down by a truck to feel the Mystery. 😉

    Love & Blessings!

    • Aloha Dear Brother,

      Thank you for your comments! What beautiful words: “allowing the heart to expand in awe at the miracle of the appearance of anything at all.” I recall reading about your accident in 1984. I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences.

      Love & Blessings!

  2. It’s a beautiful photo. And you’re right about how short a time we have here. It’s another reminder to focus on the positive, select it out from our experience, act on it, and build an upward spiral. Aloha, Aliman

    • Aloha Aliman,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I completely agree. This is the second bike accident I’ve witnessed in the past two weeks. Great reminders indeed.

      Love & Blessings,

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