Reflections & Intentions


As 2015 rapidly approaches, I’ve taken the past month to reflect on 2014 and set my intentions for the new year. Here are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past year:

1. Trust the process and most importantly trust myself. Most of the time, my intuition is spot on about what I need to do. Despite knowing this, there have been many times this year where I have talked my way out of listening to my intuition, particularly in regards to my business. I find that it is easy to succumb to doubtful thoughts when it comes to the Aloha Center. I convince myself that people do not really need healing and perhaps by having a business in the personal development industry, I am contributing to the problem. On one hand, that is absolutely true, at the core, we are all perfectly fine, and our greatest challenge is that we have simply forgotten who we truly are and confused our identities with this temporary existence. However, on the other hand, it is incredibly helpful to have supportive individuals along the way who can be hold up the mirror so that we can see ourselves clearly. Although I believe that our spirit does not need development, navigating the world with the temporary identities we choose to create can be challenging particularly if we have forgotten who we truly are.

Our suffering is unnecessary and many go through this life feeling stuck. As such, my original vision for the Aloha Center was to provide a supportive space and to serve as a reminder of who we are and what matters most in life (love). As we come to the end of 2014, I recognize the value in the services I provide and intend to go forward with my original vision, no longer allowing doubts to cloud my vision.

2. Enjoy the process. This year, I learned the importance of enjoying the process instead of focusing purely on the outcome. Racing to accomplish achievement after achievement is not for me. While it may work for some, I prefer taking time to enjoy the steps along the way during my attempts to achieve a particular goal. Life feels much more fulfilling when I  embrace the moments along the way on the path to an “achievement.”

3. Balance surrendering versus being proactive. There are definitely some things we simply must surrender to while there are other circumstances in which being proactive and selective makes more sense. Being selective about how and where I choose to direct my energy and attention has been incredibly helpful. Remembering that I do have the power to shift my attention and redirect my energy has greatly enhanced my experiences and made me feel less like a leaf in a stream and more like a paddler in a stream, who can elect to go with the flow of the stream but can also choose to paddle at will. Discernment of when to surrender is perhaps the most important component of this lesson.

Here are some of my intentions for 2015:

1. Recognize when I’m allowing doubts and fears to dictate my actions. The mind is such a crafty instrument that I usually don’t recognize when I’m allowing my fears to take over until I’m knee-deep in my thoughts. I intend to be more vigilant and do more check-ins throughout the day. I notice that this happens most when I’m not grounded, so more mindfulness throughout the day will likely help with this.

2. Be open to receiving. I realized this year that I struggle with receiving, particularly financially. I intend to stop sabotaging my financial success by being open to receiving and by unpacking my beliefs and programming about money, which really is just energy.

3. Align my actions with my intentions. I have such great intentions yet sometimes I notice my behavior is not in alignment with my intentions. This is particularly salient during interactions with my wonderful partner. One question that has helped me tremendously is “how do I want my partner to feel?” Remembering this question in the moment helps me to respond genuinely and lovingly as opposed to reactionary. Although this is directly related to my first intention, it deserves its own number because my relationships are such a high priority in my life.

4. Know that every moment is a new beginning. While these year reviews are helpful, the reality is we always have an opportunity to start again every moment. We can reset at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my reflections and intentions. I’m wishing you a joyous, prosperous, and love-filled 2015! May you and your loved ones experience peace and infinite blessings!

7 thoughts on “Reflections & Intentions

  1. Candace, thanks so much for your friendship and your work in 2014. I had a very powerful experience regarding your #4 a few months ago. You’re so right that every single moment we have a brand new, never-before-realized opportunity to start again. My experience came in the guise of love. Every single moment we have the opportunity to really feel that it’s all based on love. Every single moment we can be enlightened and re-enlightened! Then, a few weeks ago (after watching that Bentinho vid a zillion times, recommended by our friend K., about “Changing your past,”) I’m realizing that we can change our past in any moment of the now! This is a radicalized way to start over, because you’re starting over BEFORE the present moment. But that needs more discussion!

    Another thing that struck me deeply was your discussion of our needing help but not really needing it. You’re so right! At the level of the non-material Spirit we’re already perfect. We’re already enlightened. We don’t need any help. But at the level of the Soul, where we interface with the physical universe, we can’t seem to fully connect with that enlightened Spirit. We need help. Being lost, especially in a woods that we know well, is only a state of mind. If we can simply climb a tree and get 20 feet off the ground, we would see that we’re not lost at all. Wittgenstein in his later years abhorred theory, and said that philosophy was simply and only to “show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle.” From what you’re saying your work is to give people that 20-foot boost so that they can see that they’re not really lost. After Wittgenstein, you’re the one who points toward the top, the dark part, of the fly-bottle. We are so vehemently motivated by our phototactic responses that if we don’t have someone to point, we would never get out of the bottle.

    I look forward to 2015…it’s going to be a pivotal year for us on MANY levels!


    • Aloha Aliman!

      Thank you so much for your response! I am incredibly grateful for our friendship and our discussions! “Every single moment we have the opportunity to really feel that it’s all based on love. Every single moment we can be enlightened and re-enlightened!” What a powerful reminder! I also appreciate your thoughts on needing help. I was not familiar with Wittgenstein’s thoughts on philosophy, I love them! I completely agree that we can all benefit from having a “compassionate pointer.” Thank you as always for your support and thought-provoking responses!

      Love & Blessings!

  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful, I agree. Trusting and thus enjoying the process resonates with me. Have a beautiful year filled with wonder and fun and laughter dear Candace. We are lucky to have someone so uplifting and positive and supportive in the blogosphere, in the world, you. Keep shining. 🙂

    • Aloha Nomzi,

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m happy to hear that those two things resonate with you! May you also have a delightful, love-filled year, Nomzi! We’re also very lucky to have you alongside us on this journey. Thank you for being you! 🙂

      Love & Blessings!

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